Delhi Awas Yojna

In general, home is the basic needs for each and every individuals living in the world. A home will act as a shelter for everyone. In this busy world, peoples are hardly working outside and getting tired due to stressful work. To get rid of from stress, the home will play a major role in it. Taking rest in one’s own house gives better comfort than anything. As people have spent their whole energy by being working outside, they can able to regain their energy back by only via taking rest in the home. By gaining back the lost energy, one can go for work very next day attentively. A home is the only tool which is having the potential to solve each and every individual’s basic needs and requirements. In order to survive in this world, a home is a must have one. As the technology is getting improved day by day, the shape and style of the houses are changing based on latest trends.

At the early days, people will find their shelter in dens and from there; huts are introduced for more security. With this reference, as of now, an enormous number of multistoried flats and buildings are emerged for the convenience of people living. There are also an enormous number of builders are developed, who were ready to offer houses for needy people with reasonable price. Currently, Delhi government has announced that the government is going to offer new multistoried houses for people based on their financial status under MPD 2021 at Dwarka Phase-2. Based on scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana announced by PM Modi, the Delhi Awas Yojna 2017 has been launched. Delhi citizens are shifting their places from Delhi to neighboring cities like Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Gr.Noida And Noida due to hike in the property prices. In order to solve these issues, the Awas Yojna has been introduced. On the same way, the revenues of the property have also been leaked by the Delhi government. It is also noted that execution of this scheme will take around 5 years to complete (i.e) in 2021. Awas Yojna is also considered women’s comfort to complete this scheme.